This is a photo of Jeff DeMarey, owner of Stonewall Insurance Group


Stonewall Insurance Group Inc. is a growing collection of professionals using today’s technology to put the personal touch back in insurance. Not only do we enjoy insuring your home, auto and business insurance, we are always looking for new innovative products. And we specialize in Classic Car Insurance.

We currently write insurance in 30 states allowing us to help you consolidate your insurance policies. Stonewall has locations in Ohio, Boston, Hampden MA, New Hampshire and Upstate New York that are working around the clock to bring you the best service guaranteed.

Hagerty’s 5th top gear agent 2023!

Classic Car Insurance


Protect your Street Rods, Grand Classics, Museums & Restoration shops with Stonewalls Rods and Classics coverage.

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Stonewall Marine specializes in giving you the best coverage for your Boats, Yachts, Marinas and even High Performance Boats!


Stonewall’s Aviation coverage will cover everything from General Aviation, Flight Schools, FBO’s, Airports and more!


Stonewall Insurance Group Inc. provides coverage for your Home, Automobile, Business and Commercial Insurance.

Automotive News

Stay up to date with all of the news happening in the rods and classics world!

Automotive News

Stay up to date with all of the news happening in the rods and classics world!

Rods and Classics Insurance

We know how much people love their collector veichles which is why we offer the best coverage when it comes to rods and classics. Whether you have a specialized buiness in the collector industry or have a collector of your own we’ve got a personalized plan for you.

AUTOMOTIVE Specialty Shops

Not every mechanic specializes in restoring or building rods and classics. Therefore your abilities set you apart from the standard automotive shop! That’s why Stonewall Insurance Group ensures you get the best coverage to meet the highly specialized needs of your business.

Automotive Museum

Your museum houses some of the world’s finest, rarest and most valuable vehicles, resulting in unique risks and challenges! Stonewall Insurance Group offers only the highest level of quality coverage customized for each museum.