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Over the 30 years that Jeff DeMarey has been in the modern and classic car industries, he has compiled a list of his most trusted car professionals. These people are the best of the best at what they do. They are trustworthy, honest, and reliable. Use this list at your discretion, and just remember to tell them that Jeff sent you!

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We have the most connections in the New England area, but we have people all over the country. If you need help finding someone, give us a call and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. Not all of our contacts are on this map, so feel free to reach out. 

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Classic Car Services

Classic Car Services is a restoration shop in Oxford, ME specializing in coach-built classics. They have numerous concours winners under their belt including Pebble Beach and The Amelia.

Chris Charlton

(207) 743-5001

European Motorsports

European Motorsports specializes in high-performance automotive sales and service, focusing solely on German and Italian vehicles.

Michael Ricciardi

(978) 681-0070

American Muscle Car Restorations

American Muscle Car Restorations is a high-quality restoration shop that specializes in, you guessed it, American Muscle Cars! They have won many awards for their quality of work.  

Mike Mancini

(401) 267-0055

European Auto Solutions

 European Auto Solutions is a German car dealer and repair shop. They specialize in BMW and Mercedes, providing exceptional service, sales, repairs, and restorations.

 Ed Owen

(781) 642-0667

South Shore Autoworks

South Shore Autoworks is a European car dealer and repair shop specializing in German cars including Porche, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and more.

Justin Becker


Quaker City Motorworks

Quaker City Motorworks is a motorcycle restoration, repair shop, and parts dealer that specializes in British and European Motorcycles including Ariel, BMW, BSA, Ducati, Lambretta, Norton, Triumph, and Vespa.

(215) 858-7269

Arthur Gould Rebuilders

Arthur Gould Rebuilders is a water pump and fuel pump rebuilding company for classic cars, boats, and more.

Parker Roaf

(508) 210-0891

American Honeycomb Radiator

American Honeycomb Radiator is a shop in Maine that specializes in classic car radiator restoration. They restore their radiators to keep the car as cool as possible in driving conditions and be as historically accurate as possible. These radiators have been attached to many concours-winning cars.

Chuck Niles

(207) 666-8111

Eric's Repair and Radiator

Eric’s Repair and Radiator is a shop that is full of honest and knowledgeable people.

Donald Moran

(413) 283-2500

Parkers Packards

Parkers Packards specializes in the service, repair, and restoration of Packards and Packard parts. He is extremely knowledgeable about everything to do with Packards.

Parker Roaf

(774) 578-0873

Tim Lea Restoration

Tim Lea Restoration specializes in concours restoration of 65-70 Shelbys and Mustangs.

Tim Lea


Twin Brooks Restoration Inc

Twin Brooks Restoration Inc. is a restoration shop that does high-quality work.

(860) 627-9883

Backwards Unlimited

Backwards Unlimited specializes in the restoration and repair of classic and antique steering wheels.

Jim Ellis

(360) 697-1471

JB Donaldson Co.

JB Donaldson Company recasts the finest steering wheels in the world, including winners of Pebble Beach Best of Show.

(602) 278-4505

Steering Wheel Bob

Steering Wheel Bob specializes in the total resurrection of antique steering wheels.

Bob Monetti


Laferriere Classic Cars

Laferriere Classic Cars is a classic car and motorcycle dealer in RI. Tom is a great person who is very knowledgeable about the classic car world.

Tom Laferriere


Dick Shappy Vintage Autos

 Dick Shappy Vintage Autos is another classic car dealer where you can find early brass-era cars, motorcycles, and full classics.

Dick Shappy


Dragone Classic Motorcars

Dragone Classic Motorcars is regarded as one of the oldest existing antique, classic, and vintage car dealers in the world.

Manny Dragone

(203) 685-4191

Coastal Classic & Sports Car

Coastal Classic & Sports Car is a classic car dealership with one of the most knowledgeable car people you will ever meet.

Jon Lee

(207) 725-8288

Vintage Motorcar Enterprises

Vintage Motorcar Enterprises is a classic car brokerage and appraisal company.

Dennis and Chris David


Classic Wheels LLC

Classic Wheels LLC offers a wide range of Certified Appraisal Services to help you determine the real value of your classic vehicle.

Richard Dabrowski

(860) 874-3406

Farrall Auto Appraisal

Farrall Auto Appraisal is an appraisal company in South Carolina.

John Farrall


Muscle Car Appraisal

Muscle Car Appraisal is an appraisal company that specializes in modern and classic muscle car appraisals.

Jim Murphy


Automotive Restorations

Automotive Restorations is another high-end restoration shop in the northeast. They have many awards and victories under their belt.

Steve Babinski


Car Appraisal Minnesota

Car Appraisal Minnesota is a group of knowledgeable car guys who appraise classic cars. They have locations in MN, OH, AZ, and GA.

Webster Petterson


Cosdel International Transportation

Cosdel International Transportation will get your car to a foreign country quickly and safely. 

Martin Button


Classic Motorcar Advisor

Classic Motorcar Advisor – With her knowledge of historical research, sourcing and producing rare parts, project management, and Concours judging Stacy Pucket Taylor can help you with any restoration project, potential acquisition, or vehicle appraisal.

Stacy Puckett Taylor


Skip Barber Racing School

Skip Barber Racing School is where to go to get instruction and training to become a better racing driver. They train in all sorts of cars and scenarios.

Skip Barber


Drive in Control Crash Prevention

Drive in Control Crash Prevention is a class that you can go to to become a better everyday driver. They train in different scenarios and even offer discounts on your insurance premiums.

(978) 658-4144

Yerardi Transportation

Yerardi Transportation offers safe and Reliable Transport of Classic, Rare, and Exotic Cars in the New England Area.

Ted Yerardi


Reliable Carriers

Reliable Carriers is a country-wide transportation service that offers quick and safe transportation of classic and collector cars. 

Bob Sellers



MoveVocity delivers Award Winning Car and Motorcycle Shipping Services to your door in a fast, safe, and reliable manner. 


A V8 engine that was taken apart by a trusted car professional from Stonewall Insurance Group

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Parts Rebuilders

American Honeycomb Radiators
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Eric’s Repair and Radiator
Donald Moran

Restoration Shops

Mike Mancini, American Muscle Car Restorations
Specializes in Mopar

Chris Charlton, Classic Car Services
Specializes in Coach Build Classics, American & European

Parker Roaf, Parker’s Packards
Specializes in Packards

Tim Lea, Tim Lea Restorations
Specializes in Mustangs

Twin Brooks Restoration, Inc.
(860) 627-9883


Running With Scizzors Upholstery

32 Pleasant St. Northborough, MA 01532


A Trusted Car Professional transporting a customers car in a mountainous region

Transport or Other

Car Storage

Stonewall Garage – Enfield, CT

Stonewall Garage


Driving & Crash Prevention Training
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