Who Needs Car Towing and Labor Insurance?

Car towing and labor insurance is a simple add-on to your auto insurance policy. As the name implies, it covers the cost of having your car towed for repairs.

The labor portion of the coverage is a little less clear, but it means the insurance company will pay for labor needed at the spot where your car needed assistance. It doesn’t cover labor done at an auto repair shop once it’s been towed there.

You’d use this policy to cover your expenses in cases such as:

  • A flat tire
  • A dead battery
  • An empty gas tank
  • A car stuck in the snow or mud
  • A car with the keys locked inside

So, for example, if your car wouldn’t start and the issue was a dead battery, the car towing insurance would pay for the person arriving at the scene to replace the battery on the spot if possible (but not for the battery itself. If the battery wasn’t the problem and the car needed to be towed to an auto repair shop, the policy wouldn’t pay for the work performed there.

Who Needs Car Towing Insurance

You might think you don’t need the policy because you’ve got a brand-new car, and it’s unlikely to break down. But anyone can get a flat or run out of gas, so it might be of value to you.

But the people who don’t need car towing and labor insurance are people who are already enrolled in a roadside service program, such as AAA. Those memberships cover everything a car towing and insurance policy covers – and more.

For example, if you’re riding with a friend and his car breaks down, you can use your AAA membership to get help. Towing insurance only covers the vehicle for which it is purchased.

In some cases, the towing insurance is a little less expensive than other roadside assistance programs. Be sure you know what is covered, though. Insurance companies vary in what is included. Also, you most likely will need comprehensive insurance on your auto policy in order to be eligible for a car towing and labor coverage.

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