Commercial Insurance with Stonewall Insurance Group

In today’s ever-changing business environment, the risk is constant. Business insurance isn’t. Evaluating your business’ level of risk is a complex issue. Every business is unique and has individual risks from the standards of liability, property, auto, and workers compensation, to emerging risks not yet recognized due to business expansion, revenue growth, or product development.
Anyone can sell you insurance and give a quote. It is a solution-driven organization that will work with you to put together an innovative plan to protect your business, now and into the future. Let us talk to you about your business and the best way to protect it. Likely, a combination of insurance policies will be necessary, and we’ll help you sort through the options and put together the best package for your company.

Stonewall Insurance Group offers a personal and professional partnership with our clients, whether we’re finding a niche product for your business, staying informed about developments in your vertical, helping you settle a claim, or taking the time to discuss your business plans, we never stop working for you.

We protect all assets you own. From buildings to personal property, stock, inventory, and equipment, from business income to loss of rental income. Any and all physical assets that could be at risk to a loss by a covered peril to your property.

Our Commercial Insurance Products

Our Commercial Insurance products include General Liability, Commercial Umbrella Liability, and Foreign Liability Insurance. We cover accidents and injuries that occur either at your site or caused by a product you manufacture that does harm to someone else.

Our commercial auto policies protect you from bodily injury and property damage while operating a vehicle. We also cover any damage to the vehicle itself or any belongings inside. In addition, coverage can include autos that are hired, or borrowed for use in the business.

Workers’ compensation protects employees and employers from liabilities associated with workplace injury and death. It can also provide medical care, disability, rehabilitation, and survivor benefits to those injured or killed in work-related accidents.

We also offer a wide range of specialty coverages for your business including but not limited to crime and fiduciary, employment practices, directors and officers, professional liability, and cyber insurance.


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We look forward to learning more about you, your company, what your needs are now, and assisting you in developing an insurance program that will take you where you want to go. Call us today or contact us on our website(link to contact page) to speak with one of our commercial insurance experts to discuss our options for your business at (413) 566-0091.